Technology journalism can be a bit of a fish bowl at times. Despite last week’s media onslaught of coverage that the iPhone 4S was a disappointment, consumers have once again queued up and pre-ordered this year’s model by the thousands around the world.

Reviews all over the internet are blown away by the accuracy of Siri, the new voice control feature that is currently exclusive to the iPhone 4S. With the ability to understand plain spoken English, Siri has the potential to alter the way we not only interact with our phones, but all computing devices.

Given that most phones in Australia are sold on contract over 24 months (although that may be changing as phones are developing so fast these days), I’m guessing that there are a lot of 3GS owners out there upgrading to the 4S today, rather than iPhone 4 owners who can’t wait for the next version of the phone.

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