If the idea of an all-electric DMC-12 DeLorean wasn’t enough to get you musing on the paradox of time travel, what about a DeLorean watch? Swiss watch manufacturer Romain Jerome has confirmed it is working with DeLorean Motor Company to create a new range of watches featuring parts of the iconic 80s vehicle.

Romain Jerome is renowned for producing limited edition watches made from iconic moments of human history, like a watch incorporating parts of the Titanic, or one using bits of moon dust. The DeLorean range is expected to feature bits of sheet metal from the original car bodies.

While the final design is still to be seen (as is the price), having a watch made from bits of old DeLoreans could be the perfect vehicle for a DeLorean resurgence. Especially if they manage to incorporate a flux capacitor in there somewhere…

Price: $TBC (but it’ll be pricey!)
Web: Romain Jerome
Via: A blog to read