Samsonite or American Tourister not doing it for you? Try Henk. Its cases are amazing…ly expensive.
When you buy a Henk case you’re investing in quality luggage. Serious quality. You’re also investing faith in the talents of airlines and baggage handlers not to lose or damage your luggage if you decide to go down the route of checking it in. Starting from around the $39,000 mark, that’s a hell of a lot of faith you just invested.

OK, so let’s explain the price tag. The Henk is, essentially, a wheelie bag with a telescope handle. Nothing you couldn’t pick up for $100 down at Myers. But that’s where the similarities end. The Henk also has 500 separate parts, 22 of which move – and the material it’s made out of goes from the impressive to the downright ridiculous. Try fashioned Italian burl, black ebony, horse hair, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, parachute fabric and fine leathers. All this engineering brilliance and fine material use means that, even fully packed, the Henk will only ever feel like you’re wheeling 25 grams.

The 55x40x20cm case can be completely operated by one hand. Most of the compartments can be opened with the litany of buttons on the front of the case. Its creator, Henk van de Meene, says it was a 14-year labour of love which was meant for his use only – but so many commented on the original that he had to put it into production. He tells Forbes that all up it has cost him around US$10 million.

The Henk can be completely personalised in terms of colour and some materials and is just the right size for cabin storage so you don’t have to take the risk of leaving it in others’ hands if you think that may be less than appropriate. But at $39,000, wouldn’t you pay someone to do that anyway?

Price: From around $39,000
Web: Henk / Vendome