The Dentist visits… ring any bells?

Hands up those who have read strategic reports or strategy papers outlining the new direction a company plans to take, or sat through a conference full of endless charts in powerpoint? Rob Pegley takes the piss out of those situations with his new book Man vs Life, while presenting a hilarious look at the stresses we men endure.

Rob’s just an average bloke, with a job, wife, kids and life, although if the title’s anything to go by he’s a litle bit at odds with that last one. Man vs Life is a hilarious look at the life and psyche of a married man in his 30s and 40s, presented over 120 pages of easy-to-read graphical illustrations.

We got a hold of Man vs Life and have permission to share a handful of great examples from the 120 pages. If you’re after an easy win for a Fathers Day gift, this could be it at just $19.99, published through Murdoch Books…

We’re simple fellas, and we share a passion for food for the most part

We all know there is a flow chart here, it’s just never been published before now.

How many of these diets have you tried?

Important information for those about to “hit the gym”

Difficult to argue with this one huh?