Fancy yourself as a challenger to Sebastian Vettel? You have the chance to prove it on a race track with super fast F1-style cars run by professional teams. And all it will cost is $7,000.

OK, we’re simplifying that a bit, but if you were a competitive racing driver with an international license recognised by the FIA, this could be a serious opportunity for you. Auto GP, or what used to be known as European F3000, is holding a test in November in Italy where you can buy a seat for half a day. You will be run by the professional teams that compete in Auto GP and will run against series regulars as well as other drivers paying for the privilege.

“With a cost of just 5,000 Euros (around $7,000) drivers will be able to seat behind the wheel for a full half-day session, so having all the time to get a fruitful first contact with the car and with the professional working method of the Auto GP teams, including the telemetry data analysis and the technical briefings,” the website says.

It’s more a cheap test for those rising up the junior categories to see if they are any good in an Auto GP car. If they are, they can start putting together a sponsorship plan to compete in the up-coming season. It also gives them the chance to impress the teams – who all run a standard engine and chassis. There’s a chance they may end up in a full-time ride with minimal sponsorship needed.

If you were seriously rich, or just had a lazy $7,000 lying around and did a bit of racing here and there, say Porsche Supercup in Australia, or the Australia F3 Series, as if you wouldn’t have a crack at this!

Price: 5,000 Euros

Web: Auto GP

Image: Flagworld