AERIAL7 headphones is being relaunched in Australia by Convoy International. The cans that can be seen on the heads of surfers, DJs and celebs around the world are all about colour and street cred.
AERIAL7 won’t be a brand you’ll be buying if you’re into cool, calm and collected tech. These are all about grabbing attention and making a statement. Inspired by art, street culture and fashion, AERIAL7 headphones are as much about style as they are about sound.

Co-founder Phil Johnson says, “We are designers first and foremost and we hope this comes through in the products we create. It’s the fashion sensibility infused into the technical product and our attention to finer details which makes us unique.”

It’s a rather frank admission. Whether it means that sound quality has been compromised for the sake of style is yet to be seen as we haven’t tested them, but we can certainly say that they look good and at least one of the EFTM crew would be caught dead wearing them.

AERIAL7 will be available in Australia from December with a range of products that start at $29.95. According to the press release: “Amongst the products in the AERIAL7 range is the flagship TANK headphone (RRP $159), an over-ear headphone designed for maximum style and DJ sound quality. Featuring plush swivel earcups [and] 57mm drivers… TANK is available in a range of different colourways, from the bright and funky ‘Mondrian’ to the more subtle, completely black ‘Midnight’. The range also features the Chopper2 headphone, inspired by retro headphone design and modern sneaker aesthetics; a selection of compact on-ear headphones such as the Matador, Metro and Phoenix; the innovative Sound Disk Sports Beanie range, which integrates super slim speakers into beanies for great sound on the go; and four brightly coloured and easy to wear in-ear models.”

So if you’re into colour and can’t find a pair of AERIAL7s that suits you, maybe you’re, well… not actually into colour.

Price: From $29.95
Web: E-HiFi