Like a dog obsessed with its owner, the new concept eT! postie van by VW not only drives itself, it will follow the postman as they walk from letterbox to letterbox.

Developed in conjunction with Deutsche Post, the VW eT! could revolutionise the modern day postman. When the postman hops out to deliver letters to boxes, the van will follow them if they continue to proceed on foot. Thanks to the automatic sliding door on the side, the postie can then just reach in and grab the next bunch of mail when they run out. The Volkswagen Kombi-style van is specifically produced to fit boxes in the back so the post office can get more in.

When you think about it, it’s not that far fetched. Many cars already have radar cruise control which is virtually a car that drives itself, including braking and accelerating appropriately. Then there are cars that park themselves. Put the two together and hey presto.

When the postie jumps back in they can either drive it normally or use the Drive Stick which is actually positioned on the passenger’s side for easy access for the postman. With the Drive Stick they can position the eT! more accurately for the next house.

The eT! is an electric van based on the Bulli concept car by VW that is a new version of the classic Kombi, so there is actually a small chance this van could be produced!

Web: Volkswagen
Via: SMH