Say hello to what i’m Watch is calling the first real smart watch. It’s a hell of a lot more than just an iPod nano on strap, and it looks amazing.

The i’m Watch resembles an iPod nano on a strap but with a hell of a lot more polish. The 1.5-inch screen is a 240×240 pixel affair and the watch itself will allow the wearer to make and receive calls, send SMS, catch up on Facebook or Twitter and watch videos. Basically, most things you can do on a smartphone you can do on the i’m Watch.

You will also get access to the i’m Market, where you’ll be able to download the latest apps for your i’m Watch. And shock horror, the i’m Watch will also play music.

The watch owes its versatility to a custom version of Android that is the heart of this tiny device. Unlike the iPod nano, it was built to be a watch first and foremost. Designed in Italy, engineers slowly layered on the features until they came up with the finished product, knowing it would always be a ‘watch plus’ rather than a phone in the shape of a watch or a music player that could have a strap added and display a watch face.

There are a few differen’t varieties of the i’m Watch. The i’m Colour, which is the basic watch in a multitude of different shades for the everyday man. Step up to the i’m Tech and you get a more rugged version that is made of titanium and carbonium. Finally, for the blingy gent, grab an i’m Jewels, which comes in black gold, pink gold, yellow gold or white gold and diamonds for the gut wrenching price of around $13,700.

Price: From around $350
Web: i’m Watch