From the “only in America” files, which are getting quite thick, a Delta Connect pilot has managed to get stuck in the bathroom, sparking a terror alert.

The New York Post exclusively broke the story which turned out to be a comedy of errors – something airlines seem to becoming quite good at lately. Prior to landing at New York’s La Guardia Airport, the pilot decided to take a bathroom break. The door became jammed and the pilot was unable to get out, knowing that the plane was currently in a holding pattern and he would have to land it soon.

Hearing the thumps, a passenger came to his aid. Unable to open the door, the passenger was instructed by the trapped pilot to alert the second pilot, which he did by knocking on the door to the cockpit and trying to explain what was going on. The crew didn’t take well to this, especially as the man had a Middle Eastern accent, explained the Post.

The captain finally managed to free himself from the loo, but not before fighter planes were alerted. They were not scrambled, however. Police still met the plane upon landing. The hilarious (now that it’s all been explained) audio from the flight is here.

Via: The New York Post