EFTM is currently testing the most popular capsule coffee solutions available. Recently the Nespresso Lattissima+ was put through its paces – if our review made it sound good, you can now get it at a discount.

Just in time for Christmas, Nespresso is dropping $100 off the RRP through a cash back offer. And it’s not just the Lattissima+, the entire Lattissima range will get the $100 back treatment. If you don’t feel the need for such a large system, consumers wanting the PIXIE, CitiZ or Essenza ranges will also benefit. Grab yourself one of these smaller machines and you can send in for $50 cash back.

If you think waiting for the post-Christmas sales will save you even more, don’t bet on it. The Nespresso range is very tightly controlled price-wise, much like Apple. With this promotion going on until January 11, 2012, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a double dose of savings. But don’t quote us, stranger things have happened.

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