There is a time in every man’s life where he reaches the epitome of laziness. If you feel you’re there now, at least pick up American Crew 3-in-1 hair care and body wash.

Now that you’ve done that, you don’t have to look for shampoo, conditioner or body wash. This is all of those, in case you were confused by the deeply complicated name. Rather than criticise you for being so lazy you couldn’t purchase separate shampoo, conditioner and body wash and then use it under a spray of water, we’ll congratulate you for at least using a brand that puts a bit of effort into its products – even if you don’t when it comes to purchasing them.

The American Crew 3-in-1 formula has been painstakingly created to be mild enough for everyday use, yet strong enough to get all the grime and sweat out of a long day at work followed by a gym session. It features dimethicone, citric acid, sodium chloride and sage leaf extract.

You can pick up a bottle of American Crew 3-in-1 at selected salons.

Price: $29.95
Web: American Crew