Toyota’s FT-86 project, produced in conjunction with Subaru, has surfaced in its finished detail on the internet – and it looks amazing!

A few years ago when Toyota announced it was working with Subaru on creating an affordable sportscar, the motoring world stood up and took notice. Every little detail of the FT-86 project has been monitored with interest. With a boxer engine from Subaru, the Toyota led project will be the first hard-top Toyota badged sports coupe since he legendary Celica in the 1990s. Now the SMH’s Drive section has managed to dig up some more details on it which look quite final.

An official Japanese brochure on the car seems to have been leaked on the interenet. The images of the car look almost dead on the concept FT-86, with the brochure stating the car would now be called simply 86. Further details not in the brochure that have been discovered are that the Boxer engine will be a 2.0 litre, 147kW affair. It will have 16-inch wheels on the base model and weigh 1250kg or under.

We’re stupidly excited about the FT-86, or 86, project – especially having heard of sub-$50k price tag being thrown around.

Via: Drive