Ford has some cracking great news for those customers in line for the Mustang Mach-E, but also more importantly to bring more people to the brand with a dramatic price drop on the all-electric Mach-E.

The company doesn’t state specifically why the prices are dropping, but there is a clue in a statement from Ford Australia’s President and CEO Andrew Birkic where he says “This price reduction is a major positive for our customers and demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best products and great value to our customers. As the EV market continues to evolve, we are responding to it,”

Hear that – As the EV Market evolves, now that says to me that Ford is noticing the lower end of the market picking up, and that their prices are still ahead of Tesla’s Model Y which is selling in huge numbers.

These are changes to the list price for all three models of the Mach-E, starting with the biggest price drop on the entry level “Select” which comes down $7,000 to $72,990 – while the top end GT drops by $2,675.

Both the Select and Premium models fall below the luxury car tax threshold now which is an important thing for the drive away pricing, and in addition both qualify for the EV Car Discount Policy which makes them exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax on a Novated Lease.

Great news if you’re in the queue, and I think great news for Ford.

Updated Manufacturer List Pricing

Mach-E 23.75MYSelectPremiumGT
Current MLP (superseded)$79,990*$91,665*^$107,665*^
New MLP$72,990*$86,990*$104,990*^