IKEA isn’t just good at flat packing furniture and creating uber-shops in which to sell it. It also has an interior designer or a million on staff, so it’s no surprise its Small Spaces video series has some good interior tips.

If you’re a victim of the Sydney/Melbourne space crunch, or just looking to turn that tiny bit of left over space in your house into your very own man cave, it might be time to watch one or two of these space saving videos from IKEA. They illustrate just how to you can get the most out of the little space you have.

Sure, all the videos only use IKEA products, but the chances are you either already have furniture that’s similar, or you have the money to go out and drop that $2.50 on a 10 shelf storage system or whatever loose change amount they charge these days for a flat pack solution.

There are stacks of videos covering different areas and issues, but we found this one about a small lounge room to be most useful. If you live in a small apartment or are serious about a man cave, this will certainly help you get things moving. Note the TV and projector screen as well as the desk for your laptop – and the generous cupboard space, of course, for all your media. Sure, there are things we would do differently, but it’s all about the basic ideas.