It’s been in the works for years – the joint project between Toyota and Subaru to create an amazing sports car that’s affordable, but now Toyota’s version, named the 86, has broken light in Japan.

The Toyota 86 was unveiled by Toyota president Akio Toyoda, who drove it down the main strait of the Fuji Speedway in front of a media mob and excited crowd. The car is real-wheel drive and the first new two-door sports car Toyota have produced this millennium.

Those who have a soft spot for the Celicas and MR2s of old will get a kick out of this car – the 86, as well as being rear-wheel drive is also powered by a Boxer D4-S engine with direct inject technology to create the world’s only horizontally opposed engined rear-wheel drive car. The engine redlines at 7,500 with a maximum output of 147kW – around VW Golf GTi mark.

Everything about the Toyota 86 is sports. From the engine positioned front-midship, to the lowest hip position of a seated driver in any Toyota car. Toyota even says “the seatbacks and cushion surfaces are designed to provide support during acceleration g-forces from the front, the back and to the sides”.

Being a Toyota, it has to appeal to more than just speed freaks. This, after all, is meant to be the sports car that all can enjoy. It’s therefore coupled with a six-speed manual, but you also have the option of a six-speed sports automatic.

Expect a pricing announcement for Australia soon.

Wed: Toyota