Men have a soft spot for Apple. Hell, it seems everyone these days have a bit of a soft spot for the company. Whether it’s the aesthetically pleasing products, overly excited store staff, or just the idea that it’s a modern day cult, Apple has something for everyone.

If you’re just that into Apple that you want to visit every store they have ever built, your wish has been answered, virtually. The genie behind this is a chap called Thomas H Park, who has created the blog, Apple Storefronts. It’s exactly what it says it is, in image of the storefront of every Apple store in the world currently in operation.

Being that Apple Stores are generally all laid out in a similar fashion, you don’t really need much more than an image of the storefront to say you’ve seen the store. So go on, take a trip around the world and visit every single Apple Store. Or, you know, do something useful…

Via Unplggd