You probably shouldn’t stick your child in this ‘smart’ baby case

As a VERY soon to be two-time dad, the idea of sticking a kid in a small, confined capsule doesn’t actually sound like a good idea to me, no matter how long you plan on doing it for…

Spotted over at Yanko Designs, the “Smart Baby Case” concept from designer Pouyan Mokhtarani was created as a way of transporting infants. It features a whole heap of high tech solutions, like an LED screen on the inside and a webcam so you can communicate with your baby, while an orange LED shows the quality of the air inside the pod. It features several doors so you can access the baby quickly or remove them depending on the situation and features an automatic diaper function that sucks away the baby’s excrement to a waste storage unit at the front of the pod.

But, yeah, seriously, this is in no way a good idea. Aside from the fact that it looks like you’re sticking your baby into a battery pod from the Matrix, the whole thing just seems like it has been designed by someone who has never held a child, let alone had their own. That’s speculation, of course, but I can’t quite understand what kind of a parent would like the idea of wheeling their child around in a suitcase…

Via: Yanko Designs

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