My mum owns a pub between Armidale and Tamworth, and I have to admit that a few years ago if someone said to me “Armidale Residents have the best available Internet speeds in Australia” I’d have told them to stop drinking.

Well, Telstra have just switched on their 4G network in Armidale which when combined with the NBN that is also available in the town you’re looking at a pretty compelling broadband offering!

Why Armidale? Well I’m guessing it’s small enough to qualify as a good ‘regional’ location to tick off a list, but its not so small that there is barely anyone living there.

Both Telstra and the NBN are demonstrating a commitment to ‘regional Australia’ through these services – the question is, are they working together on this?

Because in reality, Telstra’s 4G availability devalues the NBN proposition for the governent so I’d suspect the Ministers office would be less than pleased to have Telstra there, but of course would never say that because doing so would be like saying the country people don’t deserve wireless broadband options.

I just wish Telstra would put 4G into Northern Sydney – up Hornsby way – no reason:)