About a month ago we got our first announcement of the LG HomeBrew system that claims to make 5L of beer in two weeks – and today we got our first look! Stare in wonder at this homage to convenience;

So far we’ve seen three types of beer; IPA, Wheat & Pilsner. They come in a large capsule pictured above and have smaller capsules that are used along the fermentation process;

The big selling point of the LG HomeBrew is that it’s self-cleaning. Once you’ve finished a two-week batch, you load it up with a cleaning capsule and it will quite seriously do all of the work for you… phenomenal.

The HomeBrew is equipped with LG’s Smart ThinQ connectivity which means you’ll be able to monitor the brewing status at any point in the process.

While we don’t have confirmed Australian availability yet, the more customer hype there is, the more likely it is to be imported – so if the HomeBrew is the product you’re after, get talking!