Need a bit of inspiration pre-Christmas for some style ideas? Esquire, one of the biggest US men’s titles, has done the work for you by choosing the best men nominated for Golden Globes to take a hint from.

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba – all chaps that scrub up pretty well even on a bad day. Esquire has named them and more as the men nominated for Golden Globes to keep an eye out for during the awards. They’ve also very kindly provided some of the most stylish images of these strapping gents for common man to wrap their heads around.

Our pick of the bunch goes to Ryan Gosling in this pic. Even standing next to George Clooney, the low key suit and tie combo with the combed hair is a winner. Add some straight specs and a Longines and the fact you don’t look anything like Ryan Gosling will be overlooked… kind of.

Hair styles, suits, shirts, accessories – if you’re going to take a hint, take it from these guys. You’re bound to find a bit of inspiration here. Then if you’re like us you’ll just duck down to Zara or Myers and grab the look on the slightly less expensive side!

Via Esquire