Want to be sure that next time you head outside you don’t look like a massive tool? News Limited is keen to help you out with “Ten great ways to pick out and avoid douche bags”.

We’re not to fond of casting sterotypes here at EFTM. It’s more of a live and let live situation. But in the interests if Australian men, we think it’s important to let you know what others think of things you may possibly be doing or wearing, just in case you give a damn.

News Limited through News.com.au has today released its “Ten great ways to pick out and avoid douche bags” list. You can tell it’s getting towards Christmas and slow news days. With douche baggery being the sport of men only, the list is jam packed with some of the stereotypical things you are probably used to seeing men do or wear everyday. Well, be warned now, in the eyes of Rachel Corbett, and we’re sure she isn’t alone, you’re a douche bag if you do or wear these things.

Got a pair of Crocs? Get rid of them. Wear a Bintang singlet? Yep, that’s gotta go in the bin as well. The Kanye West shutter shades… yeah, they need to have a lighter put to them. And while you’re at it, stop wearing pointy shoes, working out near beaches in budgie smugglers, going to the gym to look like The Hulk so your shirts don’t fit properly and wearing Ed Hardy gear.

There are one or two more things on that list but you get the gist. When we see these things (or do or wear them ourselves), we like to think of it as painfully or playfully ironic. Although, come to think of it, we don’t do or wear any of that stuff. But there is the beauty of Australia – we’re lead to believe that men have just as much right to do/wear those things as Ms Corbett has to complain about them.

Via News.com.au