Last week we brought you the  Tetra Shed – a stylish man cave solution. If that was a bit too basic for you, check out the eleMMent Palazzo mobile home. If this is too basic for you then you’ll never be happy!

The eleMMent Palazzo mixes two things we never thought would mix. Extreme luxury and motor homes. Usually the things you imagine the retired or red necks driving around in, the stereotype has well and truly been shed by some rather grand mobile homes on the market these days. But the eleMMent Palazzo blows them out of the water.

Virtually everything on board is automated – at the touch of a button you can change the layout of the eleMMent Palazzo to suit your needs. Somewhere in the wheeled mansion you will find a master bedroom with adjoining bathroom, a lounge room with lounge or dining settings and a sundeck that raises up from the roof on your command.

Marchi Mobile’s interior on the demo eleMMent Palazzo looks more like a Versace Hotel than it does a mobile home. The company believes the concept infuses the idea of a business jet with a yacht and a hotel… who are we to argue?

It’s truly one of the most stunning pieces of kit we have seen for a while – but we do have one issue with it. The exterior looks uglier than Sylvester Stallone after being hit in Rocky. Then again, if you own one, you will be too busy enjoying the interior.

Oh, right, price. Around the $3 million mark.

Web: Marchi Mobile