We are at the Nismo festival at Fuji Speedway, it is a Nissan hosted event for car enthusiasts. Championship winning cars are fired up again and driven, not kept in museums. Owners can bring their pride and joy for show or to take on track. It is a celebration of decades in Nissan Motorsport. Today we were lucky enough to experience a Circuit Safari. A what?


Circuit Safari involves jumping into a bus, loaded with spectators, and driving slowly around one side of the race track while a full grid of race cars continue to do laps at race pace. It is the ultimate in experiencing the speed at which these cars travel as they whiz past at insane speeds. If you are on the main straight at which point cars are reaching close to 300km/h the bus will basically shake, it’s insane.

As you slowly lap the circuit you receive a thrilling experience of how fast the cars are, what it is like to be overtaken by a Super GT or GT3 race car and just how amazing these cars look. It is the best camera angle, right in the centre.


This could be seen as a dangerous exercise and actually involved us signing a waiver to ride in the bus. Initially I had no idea why I would need to sign a waiver for a bus tour of the track, we didn’t know it was going to be us on track at the same time as these amazing cars. Just make sure you have a window seat!

Now, can we get this opportunity for F1, NASCAR, V8 Supercars, Indy and MotoGP? Thanks.