Flipboard for iPhone has finally poked its head out for all to see. The ever popular big brother, Flipboard for iPad, has created a serious stir surrounding the launch of the iPhone version, but does it live up to the hype?

For those that don’t know, Flipboard for iPad is a must-have app. It turns RSS feeds into a magazine style experience that’s perfect for the 9.7-inch screen. Images are larger, text easier to read and you simply swipe to turn the page of your never ending, almost personalised, magazine. But this is the iPhone after all, it’s a lot smaller, a bit more fiddly but owned by a hell of a lot more people.

The people behind Flipboard had to make sure that it was adapted for the iPhone experience, which usually means people with shorter attention spans, only one free hand and usually a single thumb to swipe. “With the iPhone we redesigned Flipboard for a new use case, where people want to find the things they care about even faster and multiple times every day,” said Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard.

At first glance, it seems as if Flipboard has delivered on the promises and hype. Stories are easy to read and find, the experience suits the smaller screen and it’s easier to use than bookmarking your favourite websites on Safari. There are a raft of different functions as well that are unique to the iPhone and make the experience that much better.

For those that want a long and detailed look at the app, check out the UK Telegraphs run down now. Bearing in mind it’s free though, we would suggest you just whack it on your iPhone and try it out now.