Look sharp this Christmas or give someone the gift of looking sharp with a combo deal from 3 Wise Men.

3 Wise Men specialises in making the man stylish without breaking the bank. Its immense range of shirts all but guarantee there will be something you will like in a size that will fit you. Whether you enjoy classic, tailored of casual fit, or are into a little double cuff action perhaps, there will be a shirt there you will appreciate.

There are two good deals going down prior to Christmas. Buy three shirts (usually $360) and you’ll be able to grab them for just $300. But the deal we are keen on is the whole works. A shirt, cuff links, tie and socks for just $200. Possibly the perfect gift as it’s one big package of man style or a few little packages that you can share around. You have to type in the code 3wm200 when ordering though.

If you’re not keen on either deal, bear in mind you can also buy cuff links, satchels, socks, ties, wallets, belts, hats and boxers separately. Shop online (free shipping for orders over $100) or head down to one of the stores in Paddington or Sydney.

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