Cooking up an amazing tech-based idea that needs some help and love from Silicon Valley? Doubt you’ll be able to get a work visa for the USA? Worry no more, entrepreneur Max Marty has the solution for you.

Max Marty, CEO of Blueseed, feels for foreign tech-based workers who need help from Silicon Valley to turn their dreams (apps?) into reality. But he realises it’s more than just a small issue to get the right permits to allow them to do business in the US. Even for Australians and British, it can be hard at the best of times. In The Boat that Rocked style, Marty has proposed a large ship that is docked in international waters as a base for these entrepreneurs.

The idea would be to anchor 20-kilometres outside of San Francisco in international waters, but register the boat to a neighbouring country with less restrictive laws for foreign workers – such as the Bahamas. The ship would have space for 1,000 to meet and work, and they would then be able to go ashore on tourist visas for meetings with Silicon Valley types The Silicon Valley types could even come to them on the ship, which could possibly be seen as a hot bed of emerging tech talent.

Marty says the final solution could be a ex-cruise ship or large barge that is refurbished by Blueseed and leased out to foreigners. It would cost around $1,200 per month for a work/living space and food and supplies would be shipped aboard from the San Francisco Bay Area.