NBL star and captain of the Sydney Kings, Julian Khazzouh, could be handed a golden ticket straight to the NBA after being invited to train with the Golden State Warriors.

After the NBA lockout which saw the cancellation of dozens of games finally came to an end, NBA teams have been scrambling to prepare themselves for a shortened season that begins on Christmas Day. Part of the scramble includes pre-season training sessions in order to cement the final names on the teams rosters for the season.

Proving that the NBL is being watched carefully by its much bigger American brother, Sydney Kings captain Khazzouh has been invited to take part in the pre-season training session with the Golden State Warriors, one of the many California based teams. It comes off the back of a second place in the MVP award for the 10/11 season and four NBL Player of the Week awards.

Khazzouh will be in training with the Golden State Warriors for two weeks and took off yesterday for the States. The Warriors have struggled for form of late, but a good performance in the training camp to could see the team take hold of one of the NBL’s star performers in Khazzouh.

Via: NBL
Image courtesy of the Sydney Kings Facebook Page