Have you ever wondered how the big TV networks monitor all their programs, channels and different transmitters?  EFTM took a sneak peek inside the SBS Master Control Room (MCR) so you could see for yourself!

By day I work at SBS and often we forget the amazing things that happen on a day to day basis that the listeners and viewers out there don’t normally see.

So, I took a quick walk down to the Master Control Room where the boss of all things Master Control, Richard “Dicky” Dore, gave me an overview of things and allowed me to take this little happy snap to try and demonstrate the amazing task that is undertaken there.

SBS Television Master Control Room - St Leonards Sydney

You thought your man-cave was impressive.  Think again!

In this single small room the team monitor every single input and output source, from satellite feeds from around the world, fibre optic vision feeds from across Australia, through to the actual SBS Television channels (SBS ONE, SBS TWO, STVDIO and WORLD MOVIES)

As well as seeing those individual channels, you have to understand that different commercials go to air in each ‘market’ (area) across Australia, meaning there are actually a lot more than just those channels individually to monitor.

So – there you go – when you get tired of looking at your single little workstation screen, spare a though for the men and women behind the scenes at any of the Australian television networks!