Planning your Australia Day celebration and want something a little bit… fancy? Even more fancy than a McDonalds burger with swiss cheese? That’s not hard, but turning a butcher’s shop into a designer experience is. Victor Churchill has done it.

The Victor Churchill Fine Family Butcher shop in Woollahra, Sydney, is the Armani of meat consumption. And it starts with the store, designed by famous architecture firm Dreamtime Australia Design. Not content with a standard butchers shop, the firm has made entering the Victor Churchill storefront an experience.

You’ll be greeted by a painted tree-lined street with a double-glazed refrigerated vitrine showing off a stunning range of fresh meats and poultry, all on custom made copper and glass shelving. But move in further and you will also find timber wall panelling and ceiling, marble slab floors and hand carved copper fretwork in the counter front.

Premium meats are displayed in custom made copper shelved refrigerators while you’ll find top quality cured meats in the counter display. There are a range of other wonderful touches that finish off the shop, including custom sausage handles cast in copper.

It’s not all just designer aesthetics that put Victor Churchill Fine Family Butcher in a class of its own. There are also classes you can take to educate yourself in the finer point of meat selection and preparation. Whether you want to know the basics about your favourite meat or the deep details on creating gourmet food, you’ll find a suitable class here.

Even the website is an experience. You can download the official app that tells you all about the cuts available and the services on offer or you can find out about the equipment used in store.

If you’re looking for a good cut of meat to put on the barbie this Australia Day (and you live in Sydney), there is no harm in trying Victor Churchill. At the very least it will be an interesting experience.

Web: Victor Churchill Fine Family Butcher
Via: The Cool Hunter