I love getting emails from Roy Morgan, especially quirky surveys like this one. It was the headline grabbed my attention. “Baby boomers drink coffee and tea, but hot chocolate is for the young.”

Ok well it’s official then. Roy Morgan has unearthed that 15.2 million Aussies now drink hot drinks including hot coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate in an average week representing 74.1% of Australians aged 14+.

Most of us (56.1%) drink at least one cup of coffee during an average week. But what about this pearler, just under half of us (47.6%) drink tea and only 12.5% drink hot chocolate.

The more senior among us are the leading drinkers of both hot coffee (69.6%) and hot tea (61.1%) in an average week.

The real old farts or those born prior to 1946 also love a coffee (67.3%) and tea (59.9%). But consumption really drops off for younger Australians, just a third of Generation Z (born 1991-2005) get the tea bags out (32.3%) or hot coffee (30.5%) over the so-called average week.

The young ones are far more likely to hammer a tin of Milo. Nearly a fifth of Generation Z (19.5%) drink hot chocolate in an average week compared to only 7.3% of Pre-Boomers.

Cooler iced varieties really don’t float our boat with iced coffee ranking at 5.6% in an average week while only 5% drink iced tea in an average week.

So, what’s your go-to hot drink let us know via Facebook.