Famed men’s fashion and culture rag Esquire has revealed its illustrated list of what to wear in 2012. Fresh from the (Capsule) trade show, the dapper chaps have stumbled across one or two things that even us Aussies will embrace.

If there is one thing that Yanks aren’t too bad at, it’s fashion. Largely because they are within a night flight of the continent and the fashion capitals of the world. The (Capsule) trade show occurs twice a year in New York, Paris, Berlin and, weirdly, Las Vegas, showing off all the wears you will likely see in the big department stores down the track.

Don’t get too scared though, these are not runway shows, they are casual trade shows that show off casual clothes. Put it this way, you wouldn’t find George Clooney pushing any of these down a red carpet anytime soon. Grenson shoes, H.W. Carter and Sons, Fahlgren ties, Naked & Famous jeans and Lifetime Collective are some of the names you should be looking out for, if not in a physical department store Down Under, then in an online store a URL away.

For the entire list an images, check out Esquire.