Have you ever seen the staff at your local store typing in the amount of your sale into the EFTPOS machine and think – “hey, careful – don’t add any extra zeros” – well, one whisky enthusiast in Sydney’s eastern suburbs was hoping for the opposite recently when he paid $150,000 for a bottle of whisky.

The Macallan 72 years old in Lalique was purchased from Dan Murphy’s at Double Bay – the $150,000 sale makes it the most expensive single bottle of spirits ever sold in the history of Dan Murphy’s.

James Duvnjak from Dan Murphy’s says “The buyer is a local whisky enthusiast who has been collecting special bottles for some time. He was beyond excited to get his hands on this very rare bottle,”

It’s a big price to pay, but in defence of the whisky – it had been aged for 72 years in barrels so it’s pretty unique – and was the only bottle available for retail sale in Australia – one of only 600 ever made.

“We had the bottle on display in the Dan Murphy’s Double Bay store in November and then in Dan Murphy’s Prahran Cellar in Melbourne. Whisky lovers from all over the country travelled to the stores to admire and take photos of the rare bottle in its custom-made display case,” Mr Duvnjak added.

You’re thinking – well, that buyer is unique too – who has $150k to spend on whisky? Get this – there were so many interested buyers, Dan Murphy’s had to hold a ballot to decide who would be the purchaser! OVER FIFTY PEOPLE EXPRESSED INTEREST! WOW

The “Super Premium” whisky category describes bottles over $10,000 – and that category has grown in double digits the last three years.

Bloody hell.

Now the question is – do you reckon they’re drinking it?