HTC Velocity on Telstra – Lighting fast 3G when 4G isn’t available

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about the HTC Velocity 4G phone launched today on Telstra.   The Velocity is in fact not just the first 4G phone, but it is also the first to drop back to HSPA+ Dual Channel when 4G is not available.

HSPA+ is the fastest version of Telstra’s Next G 3G network – meaning, in 3G areas, you won’t just get the 5-7 Mbps downloads you’re used to on 3G – you will actually get more likely 14-18Mbps as indicated by my regular tests over the last 24 hours.

This puts to rest a lot of the concerns or false reporting that because of the limited 4G coverage the Velocity was in fact not that useful – in fact it’s most likely the fastest 3G phone you’ll find also!

4G Speedtests - big numbers!


Easy to see where we've gotten HSPA+ Dual Channel and not 4G

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