Telstra’s 4G network has been around for a little while now, but only available as a ‘Dongle’ for your laptop or PC.  Super fast speeds though, so well worth the investment for mobile broadband.

Well today, Telstra took that one step further – launching the first 4G handset in Australia – the HTC Velocity.

This is a great phone, a little bulky and on the heavy side, but stylish and well made as we’ve come to expect from HTC.

It’s what’s inside that sets it apart.  4G.  Wow.  That’s all I can say!

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Granted, the 4G network isn’t exactly at capacity, in fact as someone said to me today – most of the traffic on the network is probably going to and from SpeedTest where people check their speed.  That said, there is something about ‘hearing’ a phone can do ‘up to 40Mbps downloads’ and actually seeing it.

I work in Artarmon, not right in the city that’s for sure.  So I wasn’t confident about getting great speeds.

At my desk, 18Mbps downloads, outside hitting 25Mbps.  Drive a little down the Pacific Highway near Greenwich or there abouts and bingo! Almost 40 down and almost 12 up.

Telstra 4G on HTC Velocity

The more you try the more you realise this is a cracking network. Regular 30+ speeds, and this morning – around Camperdown – 40.77Mbps download and 20.07Mbps upload.  WOW.

At $0 on the $79 plan the Velocity is well within the reach of those who love their gadgets.

Tether to your PC and you’ve got great speed for your surfing too…

Well worth a look if it’s time to upgrade.