Love the way things work on your iPhone or iPad? Apple has announced that its next version of OSX for Macs, dubbed Mountain Lion, is going to be more like the iPhone than ever before.

The next version of the Apple operating system is set to launch later this year, and will integrate a number of iOS features directly into the Mac OS. Things like Notification Centre, Messages, Reminders and Airplay Mirroring will all be released into the Apple software, giving Mac users a lot more control over the way they control the apps, with the benefit of having everything sync with iDevices over iCloud.

Also to be included in the update is Twitter integration into the core of the OS, a desktop client for iOS GameCenter, a fixed Notes app and something called Gatekeeper, which will be an optional security measure to lock down what software can be installed on your Mac.

While the iOS-ification of OS X is going to get some Apple fans in a lather, for the general population it’s going to see a shift in how we use computers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The biggest problem with the update will be the fact that it won’t run on some older Macs – even some Macs running Lion.

Web: Apple

Via: Gizmodo