One for the frequent traveller or connoisseur of all things stylish: the brand new Geneva Sound Model XS. Sound engineering and aesthetics from the famous brand in a compact form you can take with you in your travel bag.If you’re a frequent traveller that likes the finer things in life (no, the VB vending machine doesn’t count) then you will probably want to keep an eye out for these little audio solutions. The Geneva Sound Model XS takes its styling from the Geneva Sound range of retro box shaped all-in-one audio systems. While the bigger brothers have built-in iPod docks and CD players, this one is obviously a bit too small to fit all that it. But it does come with radio, Bluetooth and a handy leather carry case so you don’t bludgeon it while on the move.

Despite its size it stuff in a digital amplifier, stereo speakers and even a woofer capable of producing robust bass response below 80Hz for the Jay-Z fans. It comes in white, red and black.

Price: $299

Web: Geneva Audio