Nissan is set to break the Holden/Ford dominance of the Australian V8 Supercar Series when it returns to action in 2013. It will be he first time another manufacturer has raced in Australia’s premier class since 1993.Ironically, it was Nissan that had that honour of being the last non Holden/Ford manufacturer in the series. Now it’s all set to return in 2013 thanks to the Car of the Future rules which make it easier for manufacturers to get involved in the V8 Supercar Series at a lower cost. This is mainly due to a basic car under-pinning sharing a large amount of components. Kelly Racing, currently a four car Holden team without factory Holden support, will confirm this Thursday that it will run Nissans in the 2013 series.

While it is not officially confirmed at the time of writing, multiple credible sources have stated that the deal is going ahead. The SMH’s Steve Coloquhoun wrote this article, while well-known motorsport journalist Joshua Dowling tweeted, “I just confirmed with Nissan the V8 Supercars speculation is legit. 2013 onwards, not yet decided which Nissan sedan body to run.”

It is not yet known which car Nissan will chose to run in the V8 Supercar Series, as the large Maxima is set to be replaced by the Altima, which isn’t currently sporting a V8 engine. Nissan is already involved in the V8 Supercar Series as the safety car with its GT-R.

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