It has only been a few months since Quickflix launched its video on demand streaming subscription service, but already it’s expanding at an exponential rate. Today, Samsung announced the service would be coming not only to its Smart TVs, but also a wide selection of portable gadgets.

In addition to Samsung’s internet-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players released since 2010, the service is destined to become available for the GALAXY S, GALAXY SII, GALAXY W, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Tab 7.0, GALAXY Tab 7.01, GALAXY Tab 7.7, GALAXY Tab 8.9, and GALAXY Tab 10.1 devices in Australia.

Pricing is the standard Quickflix $15 monthly subscription fee, although according to the announcement there will also be a pay-per-view option that will top out costs at $9.99 per film, TV show or track.

With Quickflix rapidly expanding its hardware partnerships and the recent deal with HBO improving its content lineup, things are looking promising for the subscription service.

Price: $15/month
Web: Quickflix