When you talk about iconic cars, the Suzuki Swift has to be one of them. Sometimes it’s not about price or brand or raw power, it’s just about amazing handling, gutsy performance and a hell of a lot of fun. The Suzuki Swift has all three of those and a whole lot more.While the new model Suzuki Swift launched last year, with little changed from the old version, it has taken until this month for the new Swift Sport to be unleashed on Australian roads. It looks like it will be worth the wait though. Despite the old Swift only pushing out 92kW from its direct injection 1.6 litre, it was praised for its go-kart like qualities. Great traction, grip and cornering that made it feel like a real track car with a bit of practicality about it (you get five doors if not much space). With a price tag of under $25,000 it was a popular model.

Now that Volkswagen has reigned on the parade a bit with the astonishing 132kW Polo GTi at around $30,000, Suzuki had to put the hammer down to respond. It has. The new Suzuki Swift Sports increases power by 10 per cent, to 100kW, it’s 30kg lighter than the previous model and will be available in CVT automatic transmission with paddle shift. The CVT will boast better fuel consumption too, at 6.1 litres per 100 kilometres (the manual does 6.5).

The Swift Sports will also have a raft of new additions, including increased cabin insulation, climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth and a heap more. Best of all, it starts off at $23,990 for the manual and $25,990 for the CVT.

The SMH has done a full first drive review here.

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(Image shown is overseas model. Australia will get the five door variety).