EFTM’s number one promise is to never categorise men. You are what you are and if you feel you want to fit into one of society’s niches, then good for you. But if someone else wants to categorise and it’s a bit funny, we’re more than happy to share the fun. 


Visual.ly has created a great diagram to help you tell the difference between a geek and a hipster. We suppose you could just go to Chinatown and then Surry Hill to find out for yourself if you’re in Sydney, but you’re probably busy, so this handy poster will help you out. It has everything you need to know to spot a geek or a hispter a mile off, and never get the two confused.

To be fair though, EFTM scribe/editor/co-owner Nick Broughall is a self-confessed geek but we don’t see much of what he likes on the geek in the poster. There’s no backpack, the iPod doesn’t have Bon Jovi on it and thankfully we have never seen Nick wearing skinny jeans… shudder.