And what a week it has been. James Magnussen stepped to the fore with a great sponsorship deal, Casey Stoner welcomes a new member to his family, more idiots were discovered in the US, Kochie got close to some penguins and Air Australia had it’s wings well and truly clipped. 

Good Week

James Magnussen: The new Ian Thorpe in so much as we are placing all our hopes on him bringing in the gold at the London Olympics. He’s golden in more ways than one now as it was announced that Magnussen has signed a deal with Samsung. Magnussen and Samsung will be ramping up the love fest as we close in on the Olympics. But with a six-pack like his does he really need more support?

Matt Groening: A big hurrah for the creator of The Simpsons. The show that just keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on will air its 500th show in the US this week. The show will of course be hitting Australian TV screen but not until mid-March as it’s being shipped over by carrier pigeon. The Simpsons began in 1989. You can read more on the SMH who carried an exclusive with Groening.

Casey Stoner: Not only does he win MotoGP World Championships, he produces children too. Or, more accurately, his wife does most of the work. Nice one, Casey. It’s a girl.

Alan Joyce: We’re still putting him in the bad week section as well, but thanks to his mate Michael James, it’s not Qantas that is taking the limelight this week. Joyce can breathe a sigh of relief.

Kochie: The breakfast anchor that most men loathe was sent to broadcast live from Antarctica this week. It was apparently the first live cross ever done from down under. He met the chaps down at Casey Station and saw a sea lion eat a penguin. Good on you Kochie, we love penguins too.

Bad Week

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Alan Joyce: 500 or so redundancies, eh? Someone needs to remind Mr Joyce that Qantas is not a bank. Yes, yes, hard times in the aviation industry. Tell that to Singapore Airlines, Air Asia and Emirates. They seem to be really struggling. Those Air New Zealand chaps too. Oh, wait…

James Labrecque: Note to self – next time you sell a safe on eBay and say “no returns”, make sure it doesn’t have $26,000 in it. True story. And yes, he’s American.

Random US plane pilot: Another note to self – when carrying 10kg of illegal drugs in a single engine plane, do it discreetly. Flying in front of Marine One with the President of the United States on board and having two F-16 fighter jets scrambled to intercept you is not discreet.

Michael James: CEO of Air Australia. That would be the one that just collapsed and screwed over hundreds of passengers. Good stuff Mr James, didn’t you say a few days before that the airline was in good shape?

Gordon Ramsay: Licensed his name to a restaurant in Montreal only to be told that he was not putting enough effort into the agreement. Stick that in your chef’s hat Ramsay. His name is now being scrubbed from the restaurant.

Kochie: Sunrise sent Kochie to Antarctica. That probably says it all…