Have you ever set a two minute timer to brush your teeth? It’s a really long time and even longer for kids. A new product announced at CES aims to solve this problem, a problem that we didn’t even know existed until the Y-Brush came along. I’m not sure if the ‘Y’ is supposed to be a question but in any event, they are attempting to solve it with a mouth guard that will brush all your teeth in just 10 seconds.

Inside the mouth guard are tiny nylon bristles and the mouth guard is used on both bottom and top teeth separately for five seconds each. Using sonic vibrations the nylon bristles clean all the teeth at the same time, instead of using the old fashioned method of brushing each tooth individually. So 2018.

Claiming to remove 15% more plaque than your current toothbrush and using your typical supermarket toothpaste of your choice.

The Y-Brush is available in four sizes so the whole family can use it. No more long waits for the bathroom before work and school.

The wireless induction charging station ensures the Y-Brush will always be ready to use.

It’s products like the Y-Brush that make CES so great. Solving problems we didn’t even know existed. Pre-orders are available from their website with shipping available to Australia. Expect deliveries in April 2019.

Web: https://www.y-brush.com/