At some stage of your life, chances are you will start to lose hair. We’re hoping that it won’t be until much later in life, by which time we will be able to grow hair back thanks to technology (ahem). In the meantime, Nanogen might be able to help.

If you’re one of the unlucky chaps that starts to lose their hair early on in life, Nanogen may be able to at least slow the look of hair loss down. We haven’t tried it (thankfully each of the EFTM members has a full head of hair) so can’t vouch for the success, but starting at under $50 and in some seriously cool packaging which you could display in your bathroom without being shy, it’s probably worth a shot.

Nanogen works by using nano particles that cling to your real hair. Buy the right colour, shake the specially made can over the spots that need attention and the particles will electrostatically attach to the hair that is there. The nano particles will add volume to your hair to make it look a lot fuller.

You can also get a Locking Mist which makes sure you don’t get particles all over yourself during the day. Nanogen comes in a range of colours that should suit most men.

Price: From $47.95
Web: Nanogen