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After announcing the beer last week and watching the bottles of Australia’s newest lager dance through the packaging process, it’s time to take a closer look at the state of the art facilities at Arvo Lager’s new brewery.

The new brewery, which undisclosed sources at the event claimed cost somewhere in the order of $60 million to build, is a state of the art masterpiece. Designed, engineered and built by German company Krones, it is large enough to produce a national premium lager, yet designed in a way to be easily expanded when required.

According to Casellas, the brewery has a fermentation and maturation capacity of 1.36 million litres and a bright beer capacity of 320,000 litres. As an Arvo media booklet states: “If you wanted to drink the brewery dry at a reasonable rate of two slabs a day, it would take you 300 years”.

The brewery includes a 50 litre and 1200 litre microbrewery, which the brewers use to create test brews, special editions and train staff. Each Friday, a staff member is given the task of creating their own beer, which is rated against the other staff members as a way of becoming fundamentally intimate with the brewing process.

Currently, the brewery can make 8000 litres of beer at any one time, and has the ability to bottle 35,000 bottles of Arvo every hour. Watching it happen in front of you is something magical.

So, who tried out Arvo over the weekend? What did you think?