There’s a substantial difference between a cheap robot vacuum and one that costs north of $1,000.00. Of course, this is an obvious statement, but the extra $$$ doesn’t necessarily relate to a better clean. 

The more you spend the smarter whatever robot you’ve chosen to purchase gets. This means mapping, the cheaper end of the spectrum will get you a good product but 90 per cent of the time it will get lost and drive you cuckoo.

So here at EFTM HQ we’re looking forward (Bowen is) to trying out the new ECOVACS DEEBOT 710. This machine based on its specifications seems to have hit a real sweet spot in the market, offering a sub-$500 price tag.

The Deebot 710 comes equipped with Smart Navi 2.0 Mapping technology. This allows the device to systematically clean your carpets and hard floors. An onboard camera allows the robot to plot a safe and comprehensive path. 

Once cleaning has finished owners can see via the ECOVACS Home App a map that shows where the DEEBOT cleaned. 

Along with the mapping system the DEEBOT 710 won’t tumble down stairs thanks to anti-drop sensors. There’s also anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers that want ruin your wife’s furniture and mood. 

There are Max, Auto and Spot modes to help with difficult areas that require more specific cleaning. We will have a more detailed review when we get one up and running, but for now you can purchase The Deebot 710 for $499 on eBay and shortly via Amazon.