Nespresso, makers of the most iconic instant pod coffee machines has recently launched the new Maestria and Gran Maestria coffee machines. Both machines will add more than a bit of style to your kitchen and will make a pretty decent coffee as well.

The pod coffee machine has been the flavour of the decade with its ease of use  and production of almost barista quality coffee. The race over the past year has been for other manufacturers to catch up with Nespresso in the style stakes. Like a good Smeg fridge, half the pleasure of purchasing a pod coffee machine is finding the most stylish one. The new Maestria and Grand Maestria keep Nespresso well and truly in the lead of that race.

The Maestria is available in creamy white or red while the Gran Maestria can be picked up in titanium or platinum. They will set you back $749 and $849 respectively. If you don’t believe us about how stylish they are, just watch this video with some French dude using them. Classy stuff.

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