Every single shot I have ever taken with golf has sliced off to the right. It meant that after a couple of months of sporadic attempts at becoming the next Tiger Woods, I put down the clubs, content in the knowledge I would never pick them up again. But the GolfSense 3D motion sensor could change that.

Launching in a couple of weeks, the lightweight sensor attaches to the back of a golf glove to accurately track your hand’s movement on every swing. It pairs wirelessly with your iPhone or iPad to let you analyse every single swing, coaching you on how to improve your stroke. You can even compare your swing with golfing professionals in order to see how far away you are from the big leagues.

And if you’re not a golfing fan, the Golf Sense sensor can still be useful, with plans for a tennis app to support the 17 gram sensor well on the way.

Price: $200
Web: iWorld