Amazon’s Kindle is already the best eReader on the market, but if you like your reading technology to be a little bit more tactile, Dick Smith has just announced that it is selling the Kindle Touch in stores exclusively until April.

Although the Kindle Touch went on sale to Aussies back at the start of February through Amazon’s online store, the Dick Smith deal means you can buy the 6-inch touchscreen device in stores in Australia.

You will pay a premium for the privilege though. Dick Smith is charging $185 for the Wi-Fi Kindle Touch, compared to $US139 buying it directly from Amazon. Even with delivery, it’s cheaper to buy it online, but the convenience of buying locally probably means DSE will sell quite a few.

The exclusivity deal is set to end next month, which also means you might be able to save a few bucks buying from Big W when it inevitably launches there. In any case, having a local distributor is a good thing, even if you don’t use them.

Price: From $185
Web: DSE