In our humble opinion anyway. Serious sound company Focal has developed a PC speaker that will keep the audiophiles, style-masters and apartment dwellers all more than happy.

Focal has a long history of very impressive audio products. Usually concentrating on the very high-end audiophile stuff, it has now branched out to create entry level computer speakers, and they’re pretty damn swish. The Focal XS Book speakers are designed for use with your laptop or computer. They are a two-way designed speaker with a ported enclosure. The right speaker is an active speaker which means you can plug them directly into your computer, laptop or MP3 player such as an iPod or iPhone.

If you’re looking for a cheap but quality solution for your CD player or another type of stereo source, the Focal XS Book could still be a good option. Not only can you connect them via a 3.5mm jack, but you can use RCA for full sized components as well. If you’re in a small apartment, this kind of solution would certainly make sense. The speakers weigh just five kilos and won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet either.

According to Len Wallis Audio, Sydney’s premier Hi-Fi store, “While attaching these speakers to your computer (of any size) is an obvious use, the possibilities are endless. Any full-size or portable audio source can be used to great effect, and you could also use these as a sound enhancement for any recent slimline flat panel TV. The size of the speakers in TVs these days is so small that getting good sound out of them is pretty unlikely. XS book to the rescue!”

Web: Len Wallis Audio

Price: $499