The social awkwardness of buying condoms at the local supermarket has been the punchline of a joke in almost every coming of age movie since the 80s. Aussie condom company Big Richard has finally solved the problem by launching a monthly condom subscription service.

Citing research from a recent NSW Health report that only 40.51 per cent of people aged 20-29 used condoms while having sex, Big Richard hopes to do away with the social stigma associated with purchasing condoms by delivering them directly to your door.

Prices start at $10 a month, and each subscription is customisable to account for both passionate new relationships or extended dry spells. There are three different packs on offer – The “Shag Pack” which offers nothing but condoms, the “Couples Pack” which adds a ‘mystery sex toy’ to the package to spice things up in the boudoir, and the “Superman Pack”, which adds socks, undies, plus bottles of bottle of riolife and revivol. The condoms are delivered in discreet packaging for men who still live with their parents, and Big Richard has free delivery on all offers.

Once you reach a certain age, the embarrassment of buying condoms sort of disappears, but the subscription service does promise a certain level of convenience. If it helps young people practice safer sex though, it’s totally worth it.

Price: From $10
Web: Big Richard